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Bizantina's music is clearly steeped in Southern Italian roots, despite the band being based in Florence. Their latest album is a bit different, as it is the soundtrack to a theatre show. I am not sure what the show is about, but listening to the music, the show must be more of a folk musical, giving that the numbers on the CD are predominantly songs. And it appears from the little pictures on the album that the show is based on some story set in the past, with knights, kings and men fighting with long swords - and I would love to understand Italian to get the full story. 

Musically, the overtoure on the album sounds very promising - instrumental folk rock based on old themes. The songs that follow vary in style between cabaret/chanson, traditional Southern Italian music and contemporary folk rock influences. The songs are all dominated by singer Michaela D'Astuto, with her somewhat high pitched, very intense and often doleful voice. The instrumentation is great, with particularly clarinet and accordion taking often centre stage, making the music atmospheric and exciting. But with that voice, it is all a bit too intense for my liking.

(Article by Michael Moll